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Agreements are a Freelancer´s best friend: They protect you, make sure you get paid and help you to build healthy client relationships  





We know how tricky it is to create agreements. Seal helps on how to create fast and secure agreements that use a language everyone understands.



With Seal, you can easily share agreements with your clients and other freelancers. Discover the best templates and build ever better agreements.



Written agreements are your best protection – you should always make one for every job, deal or task. Seal agreements are safe to use and legally valid. All agreements are protected with our resolution process.

Full list of features

Beta launch features:

– Create custom agreements or choose a template from the library
– Build your agreement from the library of terms and clauses
– Send agreements from the app by email to the parties involved
– Sign agreements digitally
– Send agreements for review
– Manage all your agreements in one place and monitor their progress
– Send payment reminders


Features coming:

– Integrated payments – we handle the payment between the agreement parties
– Automated conflict resolution in case of a dispute – we use the same processes developed by the  ecommerce giants
– Get legal advice from the lawyers on the platform

Don´t risk your livelihood with poor paperwork – create fast and secure agreements with Seal!


Out of 53 million freelancers:
% are experiencing a loss of income due to problems with agreements
At the same time only
% of freelancers always protect their work with written agreements
* in US alone

How do you make a freelance contract with Seal?



We spent time with legal professionals, so you don´t have to

We sat down with our lawyers and witnessed as they wrote agreements on a napkin.


We took this idea and brought it to our smartphones so you can easily set up agreements for every situation.

Want to know more about us?



We are a team of startup founders with diverse backgrounds in freelancing, design industry, technology development and finance.


We met in design school to explore and develop product innovations with a real world impact.


We have put Seal through a rigorous testing and worked with legal professionals in the US and UK so you don´t have to. Contact us


Seal Agreements has been developed with the help of:



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With over 20 years of combined experience in the freelance business, we built Seal for all of us.
We value your opinion and want to develop Seal to answer your business needs. Sign up for our free Beta and start closing deals.
We encourage all freelancers to support each other and join organisations like the Freelancers Union




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